ePower 10A Smart Battery Guard

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ePower 10A Smart Battery Guard

ePower 10A 12V 24V Smart Battery Guard

The ePOWER Low Battery Cutoff protects your batteries from non essential loads before the battery is completely discharged causing damage to batteries and potently denying your engine cranking power. These Low Battery Cutouts also protect connected electrical appliances against over voltage. The voltage load is disconnected whenever the DC voltage goes beyond 16V (12V mode) or 32V (24V mode).

Microprocessor Controlled

The ePOWER LBC is microprocessor controlled with 10 different programs that engage or disengage the voltage load over several different voltage parameters.

Additionally, the ePOWER LBC range offers features like:

  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Ignition proof (no relay, no spark)
  • Delayed alarm output
  • Delayed load disconnect


  • Recreational vehicles
  • Service vehicles
  • Maritime applications


Auto Voltage Detect 12 / 24V
Max Load (shut down current) 10 – 15A
Peak current 75A @ 12V
Weight 20 g
Dimension LxWxH 62mm x 27mm x 9mm