Deck Hardware

Keep your deck in top condition and enhance its features with our range of deck hardware and accessories.

Securing or Guiding Rope

Whether you’re manoeuvring sails or tying down an item on-board, you need strong, high-quality deck hardware for securing and guiding your ropes. At Boating & RV, we offer a comprehensive selection of rope guides and attachments that make it easy for you to manage ropes and attachments on deck.

We have bollards made of alloy or stainless steel, giving you confidence in their ability to withstand the demand of the open waters. We also have specially designed bollards and cleats that can be used for a variety of rope applications. If you’re looking for cleats for more general purposes, we also stock standard cleats that are made of alloy or nylon.

Aside from bollards and cleats, we also supply several tie-downs and accessories for securing ropes, lines, and other boating implements. Our selection of  S hooksfairleads, stern chockssister clips and grommets provide outstanding tools for guiding rope or holding lines in place. We also have saddles available (both standard and ferruled versions) for securing rope more effectively.

And if you want to hook or fasten things on deck quickly, simply take your pick from our collection of snap hooks, carbines and jib hangs.

Deck Fixtures

If you want to make your deck more comfortable and functional, then you need to install fixtures that improve your boat’s features and performance.

Our gunwale mouldings, for example, help protect fixtures on your deck by providing extra padding to protect it from bumps and scratches. Gunwale fittings, meanwhile, include corner caps and end caps that protect gunwale fixtures and enhance their looks.

If you’re thinking of adding a hatch to your deck, you’ll find plenty of options in our range of hatches. We also supply inspection ports for smaller openings on your deck.

Other major deck features in our collection include bilge blowers and vents, which help ensure proper ventilation for your engine compartment, lower deck and other parts of your boat.

Other Accessories

Whether you’re installing new equipment on your deck or simply making minor adjustments, you need the right accessories to make these enhancements more effective. At Boating & RV, we supply a wide range of accessories that help you improve your deck however you like.

Our basic deck hardware includes items like shacklesdeck fillersbarrel boltspadlocksstainless rings, and lift rings. For those working on the installation of doors or similar fixtures, we provide button and door latches, hingeshatch hardwarepull latches and a variety of latches and locks. We also supply a selection of handrails and handles that give you several choices for how you want to style your doors and hatches.

The Right Deck Hardware for Your Boat

Looking for a specific tool or accessory for your deck? Just call us on (07) 3823 5055 or contact our team to find out how we can help. As one of Australia’s top suppliers for boating equipment, we’ll help you get the tools you need to create the boat you’ve always wanted.