Cyclone Circulation Pump - Stainless Head

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Cyclone Circulation Pump - Stainless Head

Robust, high flow, quiet running, long life pumps for hot water and heating systems and many other circulation applications. This heavy duty centrifugal pump has a stainless steel head and an open, no-clog stainless steel impeller to easily handle small debris and high temperatures up to 95 degrees C. 3,500 hour rated heavy duty motor. Suitable for fresh or salt water, bilge water, anti-freeze and mild chemicals. NOT self priming - install below the liquid source.

Pump Options:

12 volt 9 amp Cyclone Pump

24 volt 4.5 amp Cyclone Pump


  • Stainless steel head and no-clog S/S impeller
  • 29 GPM - 110 litres per minute flow
  • 3,500 hour rated heavy duty motor
  • Long life mechanical seal
  • Flooded suction required - 2 metre suction lift possible when wet
  • Centrifugal design moves liquids quickly and efficiently
  • 3/4" BSP female threaded ports
  • 3 year limited warranty - subject to motor usage hours