Concave Black Trailer Rollers

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Concave Black Trailer Rollers

Concave trailer rollers are designed to guide a chine or keel onto the centre line of the trailer. The soft rubber construction of this roller is suitable for all boats. May leave black marks on Fibreglass boats.

The rollers are measured by length (end to end) and bore diameter. Please make sure that you have the matching brackets and spindles. 

When choosing a roller, ensure that you're picking the correct roller for the size, type and shape of your hull. Our rollers come in 3 easy to identify colours;

  • Black - Rubber construction. Soft design suitable for all boats. May leave black marks on Fibreglass boats
  • Red - Polyurethane construction. Firmer and longer lasting than rubber. Suitable for all boats. Best for Fibreglass Boats.
  • Blue - Polypropylene construction. Firmest rollers. Only suitable for hard hulls, such as alloy. Not suitable for Fibreglass Boats.

*Please note, bore size is approximate.