BEP 4 Position Battery Switch HD

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BEP 4 Position Battery Switch

The 721 heavy duty selector switch provides four possible operation settings, Off, Battery 1, Both and Battery 2 giving the choice of charging a selected battery or isolating current draw to a single battery. The switch can be recess mounted in an 85mm hole or surface mounted. Screw holes 5mm roundhead. Removable rear cover insulates the rear terminals against short circuit and removable side plates provide access for heavy duty battery cables. Please note this system will not separate electronics away from harmful engine starting spikes. Continuous rating: 350 amps DC between common and B1 or B2. 500 amps DC between common and B1 and B2. Intermittent rating: 500 amps DC Cranking rating: 1500 amps DC for 10 seconds Voltage rating: 48V DC maximum Terminal stud size: 3mm x 10mm Base size: 102mm x 89.4mm