Alko Mechanical Disc Caliper New Style

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Alko Mechanical Disc Caliper New Style

AL-KO light duty mechanical disc brake calipers are hot dip galvanised. These calipers are a forward pull method of operation. Forward pull is used on beam axles. The simple cable actuation of these calipers and their uncomplicated design makes the task of servicing simple. AL-KO mechanical calipers are suitable for disc hubs and rotors thicknesses from 12mm to 15mm. 

Single Caliper: 

  • Method of operation  - forward pull
  • Protective Coating - hot dipped galvanised
  • Recommended maximum load 13"/14" wheels - 775kg each wheel
  • Recommended maximum load 15"/16" wheels - 725kg each wheel
  • Maximum cable input load - 200kg