3" 100 Watt 2 Way Cabin Speakers (MS-BX3020)

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3" 100 Watt 2 Way Cabin Speakers (MS-BX3020)

Introducing high-end audio for the marine cabin environment, designed to produce exceptional sound in any vessel. The MS-BX3020 Signature Series Cabin Speakers represent the highest quality purpose-built marine cabin speakers from FUSION, which are carefully designed for the marine environment whilst maintaining superb sound quality.

The FUSION MS-BX3020 features a 3" mid speaker, with a waterproof paper cone and a fluid cooled fabric dome tweeter. These speakers are constructed with a magnet system to produce high efficiency from a small box.

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, the MS-BX3020 Signature Series Cabin speakers are in a class of their own. For the best possible acoustic experience, FUSION recommends pairing the MS-BX3020 with the MS-AB206 Signature Series Active Subwoofer. The Class-D amplifier input is tuned specifically for the MS-BX3020 speakers, creating a truly unbeatable home theatre experience on the water.


Compact optimized acoustic chamber – Acoustically optimized to deliver home theatre-quality entertainment in your home away from home, the internally shaped acoustic chamber reduces reflective effects for superb sound quality.

Sophisticated internal crossover network – The MS-BX3020 speakers feature a sophisticated internal crossover network and high quality cone construction with added low frequency protection to avoid damage.

Waterproof paper cone – Features a waterproof paper cone for high efficiency and the best presentation of sound, making the MS-BX3020 perfect for the marine cabin environment.

Fabric Dome Tweeters – The magnetic fluid cooled fabric dome tweeter includes resonance control to consistently produce premium, clear audio in the cabin environment.

Installation Kit Included – Everything needed to connect your MS-BX3020 speakers is included in the box.

These Signature Series Cabin Speakers are covered by a True-Marine™ 3 year limited consumer warranty for indoor installation.